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Ulvik was in April 2015 formally approved as a Cittaslow town, the fourth in Norway. Certification implies meeting Cittaslows 77 criteria, half of which must be met upon membership. The application was recommended by the Nordic International network and formally approved by the international council. The General Assembly 2015 was held in Abbiatograsso in Italy on the 19-21 of June. The Mayor, consultant on rural and regional development and the head of Slow Food Hardanger participated from Ulvik.

The Movement of cittaslow was born in 1999 in Greve in Chianti, a little town of Tuscany.
The main goal of Cittaslow is to enlarge the philosophy of Slow Food to local communities and to government of towns, applying the concepts of ecogastronomy. It is a mark of quality for smaller, but strong, communities that have made a choice to improve the quality of life for their inhabitants. 
Municipalities which join the association are respectful of citizens’ health, the authenticity of products and good food, craft traditions and valuable works of art, has open public squares and green areas, theaters, shops, cafés, restaurants, places of the spirit and unspoiled landscapes and cultural landscapes. Good living means having the opportunity of enjoying solutions and services that allow citizens to live in their town in an easy and pleasant way.
Living slow means looking for the best of the knowledge of the past and enjoying it thanks to the best possibilities of the present and of the future.
All of this will result in technological opportunities, modern solutions in communication, transportation, incoming, production and selling. The community will be more human, environmentally correct and sensible for the present and future generations; the project will respect small realities in a more and more global connected world.
The Slow Cities movement promotes the use of technology to improving the quality of the environment and of the urban fabric, and in addition the safeguarding of the production of unique foods that contribute to the character of the region.
Cittaslow communities seek to promote dialog and communication between local producers and consumers. With the overarching ideas of environmental conservation, the promotion of sustainable development, and the improvement of the urban life, a CittaSlow provides incentives to food production using natural and environmentally-friendly techniques (one method for this promotion is through the Presidia). 
Both local production and tourist trends are focused on genuine experiences. 
In Ulvik you shall feel more like a guest than merely a tourist. Slow Food in Action is the best welcome for new forms of responsible tourism.
Ulvik has extensive visitors every year and an extensive green knowledge agriculturally and in social innovation. 
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