Konsert med SKUAH på Drøs

laurdag 24. februar 2018, Heile dagen



Sonja Otto is an experimental singer-songwriter and studied music in Germany.
She has been playing the piano since the age of seven, started writing songs both for guitar and
piano as a teenager and was travelling as a streetmusician in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.
She has been a singer in rock and a jazzbands, has set pictures to music and wrote orientalistic
music for regular events with a Beduin story teller in Germany. She wrote music for poetry and has
been playing and/or singing in different bands from progrock to gipsyjazz.
In Norway she also worked for a while with HP Gundersen as a member of his profect „The... Last Hurrah“ .

Lars "Topho" Nordtveit on drums & percussion.
In addition to Skuah, Topho is also playing with Hanne Bergheim, The Foggy Few, Trond K and The serious Issues, Reharvest, Tom Tveits, 101 Guitarras and more.
Topho has experience with playing folk, rock, paddy punk, pop, droning, psychedelia, in addition to some jazz/ improvisation, medieval and theater music in recent years. A lot of local gigs in Bergen, record recording, but also live recordings and touring both at home and abroad. He gets inspiration from most of what it is possible to bang on and make sound!

Alex Grieg has studied music at Grieg Academy and has a long musical career. He has played in countless different projects both nationally and internationally and besides bass also plays the piano and composes music.
Genres: Jazz, experimental, prog, pop.


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